You made it to our class blog!

welcome y5

Welcome to our Year 5 class blog,

Here you will find lots of opportunities to share your learning with a much wider audience as well as your classmates. We are going to be blogging about our learning and will be using this blog to help us improve our writing.

Please could you comment on what you like about our writing and what we can do to improve it.

Mrs Parker & Miss Yusuf 

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Plan an investigation

Plan an investigation to find out what habitat woodlice prefer.

Think about how you can make your investigation a fair test.

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portal y5

We would like you to think about the work we have been doing on our Fantasy Narrative stories.

In this blog write a paragraph to describe what your portal to your story looks like. Remember to include fantastic openers, punctuation, vocabulary and think about the length of your sentences to engage your reader.

Try to do this in no more than 120 words

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